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Apple iPhone 14 Availability as of December 17

by | Dec 18, 2022 | TSB

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max availability picture varies by carrier this week. Verizon continues it’s disciplined march to availability while AT&T continues to experience a relatively larger backlog. T-Mobile changed their strategy a few weeks ago with their “Four for $100” offer that features the Apple iPhone 14 (not the Pro or Pro Max line).

The biggest risk here could be for Verizon. They are riding the line between “ships by” dates for most models right around the end of 2022. If there is a breakdown anywhere in the supply chain, the quarter-end picture will look different for Big Red. Given changes in their consumer unit, and CEO Hans Vestberg’s direct management, we think they will hit their dates so long as Apple can meet theirs. But iPhone delivery might determine whether the net addition number is positive or negative.

We checked cable’s and Best Buy’s inventory (as well as the website) and, depending on the color and storage combination, availability might be better at those sources (although was quoting a week longer for most iPhone 14 Pro color/storage options than Verizon).

For those of you who are shopping for devices for the Holidays, it’s slim pickings unless you can convince your family that Christmas really does extend until Epiphany/ Three Kings Day. The only positive from this week’ report is that things did not get any worse.

Next report on December 24. PDF is below.


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