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Deeper: CBRS – Share and Share Alike

The following articles provide a good overview of CBRS.  There are a lot of things changing with CBRS each day, and we will be sure to keep the list updated as new developments occur. One of the best government sites is the NTIA CBRS page here. Included in this is the...

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Deeper – AT&T’s Herculean Task

The following articles provide a good overview of AT&T’s Domain 2.0 efforts.  Please note that these efforts will be updated periodically to reflect major partner updates: The original Domain 2.0 whitepaper from November 2013 is here. The following recent...

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Deeper – Fiber Always Wins (Until it Doesn’t)

The following articles provide a good overview of the role fiber plays in the telecommunications ecosystem today (there’s some good details on Google Kansas City and Louisville setbacks as well): An RCR Wireless article that details Verizon’s “integrated engineering...

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Deeper- What’s Changed Over the Last 3 Years?

As we mentioned in TSB, this section will feature 5-10 articles on Microsoft or the LECs:    Microsoft:  2018 CNBC full interview with Satya Nadella  PG Mag review of Microsoft Office 365 (referenced in the article)  Microsoft 2017 Financial Analyst Presentation (this...

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