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Earnings Parade – Part 1 – Why is Tom Rutledge Smiling?

Super Game Sunday greetings from Kansas City (H&R Block Headquarters pictured) and Charlotte.  The Patterson household is eagerly awaiting the 49ers/ Chiefs matchup and the return of the Vince Lombardi trophy to the City of Fountains.  Regardless of the outcome,...

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The Unintended Consequences of an Attorneys General Victory

Greetings from Davidson/ Lake Norman/ Charlotte, North Carolina where winter has finally begun its return (picture is from earlier in the week when our dog, Abby, was chasing ~40 ducks into the Lake).  Thanks again for the emails and comments on last week’s column –...

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Chronicling AT&T’s Divestiture

End of year greetings from Fraser, CO and Lake Norman, NC.  This has been a week of reflection, not only on the year but also on the decade that was.  Taking some time to contemplate the changes that have occurred over the past ten years is instructive and helpful. ...

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Three More Up and Comers

Greetings from Fraser, CO, where near zero temperatures are the norm in December.  We hope each of you have a very restful and happy Holiday season.  2020 promises to be an eventful year and we will be here to follow every inch of it. Due to popular demand from our...

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Programming Tomorrow’s Network

Holiday greetings from sunny and mild Lake Norman, North Carolina (sunrise shown – unaltered photo).  There are a lot of follow-ups to cover, and, if reports are true, there may even be a settlement between the Attorneys General and T-Mobile/ Deutsche Telekom/ Sprint/...

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The Master Switch, Ten Years Later

Happy Thanksgiving from Lake Norman, North Carolina, where I finally got the turkey to look normal after grilling (thanks to YouTube videos).  Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good food, fellowship, and safe travels. This week’s Brief is a review and summary of...

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