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Value Creation – Long-term charts, Fab Five vs. Telco Top Five (March 18)

by | Mar 20, 2022 | TSB

The Fab Five had a good recovery over the last two weeks, shrinking their 2022 equity capitalization loss from $1.341 trillion to $982 million (+$359 billion). Improvement was broad, led by Amazon’s 20:1 stock split and stock buyback announcement. The result as of Friday’s close is that Amazon’s loss so far this year is slightly less than their gain in 2021, making the only net loser from 1/1/2021 Meta/ Facebook.

The Fab Five is holding steady. As I noted to the few @pattersonadvice Twitter followers, we had a day this week when the spread between T-Mobile USA and AT&T narrowed to below $5 billion. This is especially significant as AT&T’s current market cap includes their portion of WarnerMedia. Our column last week on AT&T solicited a lot of discussion, and we think that their challenges far exceed those of Verizon or T-Mobile.

More discussion on value creation in next week’s Sunday Brief. File download is below in the link. While we are disappointed in Davidson’s loss of Michigan State this past weekend, we are still amazed that a college with an enrollment of ~2,000 can compete effectively against behemoths. On to baseball, where Davidson is now 17-3. Go Cats!


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