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Updates on iPhone Availability (through Friday, October 11)

by | Oct 14, 2019 | TSB

The charts are attached as pictures and a link to a PDF download is also new this week:


iPhone 11 availability improved wk/wk for T-Mobile and unchanged for the other carriers (with the exception of green, which is largely out of stock across the system).

iPhone 11 Pro is selling very well across the board (re: T-Mobile does not have $0 down on Pro or Pro Max).  AT&T lack of availability is particularly notable.  This should show up in better 4Q upgrade rates (not sure if they have compelling enough switching offers right now – likely that upgrades are driving the shortages).

iPhone 11 Pro Max.  Two surprises here – T-Mobile is still largely out of the Pro Max, as is AT&T.  Also, if someone is going to buy the Pro Max, they are going to buy the 512GB version (why buy Silver gasoline when you can afford Supreme?).

iPhone availability as of Oct 11


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