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Update on Apple iPhone 11 Availability

by | Oct 8, 2019 | TSB

We ran out of time and space to fully cover changes in iPhone 11 availability in this week’s TSB, so we are taking some space normally reserved for the “Deeper” section to cover the changes.

Please note that availability changes from day to day and certain color/ size combinations can become scarce and/or abundant within a week.  However, as we will discuss below, there are some real trends to follow here.

First, let’s look at the iPhone 11 availability for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon (their online website is the source):

Here’s the Sept 27 chart:

Here’s the Oct 4 chart (note that axis has changed to reflect the week that has passed):

Easy takeaways:

  1.  T-Mobile inventory is challenged, even with unpopular Red and Black colors.
  2.  New colors (Green, Purple) are more popular across the board as expected
  3.  Black and Red are in abundant supply
  4.  The $50 lower price for the iPhone 11 is bringing in a few more upgrades

It’s not surprising that T-Mobile is pushing the iPhone 11 over devices such as the iPhone 8 (which does not have 600 MHz/ LTE Band 71).

Now the iPhone 11 Pro:

Discerning trends here is a bit tougher.  Midnight Green is a popular color (no surprise here) – Gold less so.  Wait lists are generally slipping with time (this is likely what drove Apple to increase their orders by 10%).

It’s important to remember that T-Mobile does not offer 0% down on either the iPhone Pro or the iPhone Pro Max (0% is available for the qualifying customers of unlocked iPhone 11 devices in Apple Stores).  Despite that, Magenta appears to be very strong sellers of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The popularity of the iPhone 11 Pro Max at T-Mobile is very apparent from this last set of slides.  Interestingly, the only carrier with any inventory of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is Verizon (in silver and gold only).

What does this tell us about gross/ net additions?  Not much.  Shortages could exist because of conservative product/ supply chain assumptions as much as they could exist due to strong demand.  But there’s far more demand broadly than most anticipated, and, with the exception of a few color/ storage combinations, availability appears to be slipping day for day.

Next update will be next Sunday.  If you would like the full file, please email and we’ll gladly send.

Thanks again for your readership.


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