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Two 2Q 2020 Earnings-Related Interviews That Are Worth Watching (updated July 18)

by | Jul 18, 2020 | TSB

Given the success of the Fourth of July “Ten Things You Should Watch/ Listen to/ Read” column, we thought we should begin to post interviews/ podcasts/ articles from this earnings cycle that are worth watching. As was the case with the Fourth post, we will start small and add others soon after they occur.

  1. Larry Fink 27-minute interview discussing BlackRock earnings (CNBC) is here. He has a good macro view of current economic issues and unabashedly defends his climate stance.
  2. PepsiCo CFO on earnings and COVID-19 here. “We are a perfect hedge” is the quote – less restaurant business (beverage sales) offset by more “stay at home” purchases (Quaker Oats, salty snacks).

More to be posted as earnings come in. Please send any suggested interviews/ articles/ earnings conference call recordings to


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