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Ten Interesting Reads (or Listens or Views) for Your Fourth Holiday

by | Jun 30, 2020 | TSB

Hi everyone – there will be no Sunday Brief on the 5th due to the Holiday, but I put together an anthology of interesting reads and items (divided into COVID-19, Tech, and Telecom), some of which were covered in previous Briefs.  I am sure you have others you would like to add (I can think of a few I missed already), so please send your additions to The next Sunday Brief will be on July 12.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth!


  1. Paul Tudor Jones March 26 interview on CNBC in the middle of the crisis.  Many great interviews this week, but this one is one for the ages.  Link to full interview is at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Bill Ackman’s CNBC interview which spooked a lot of folks.  It’s 28 minutes of largely panicked statements.  But, when you get down to the words on the transcript, pretty interesting and even some practical recommendations.   
  3. Ken Langone’s terrific April 13th interview on CNBC.  An antidote to Ackman’s interview.  This goes along well with the Andrew Ross Sorkin/ Joe Kernan back and forth at the end of May here
  4. A terrific article on the puts and takes of COVID-19 tracing apps as they are deployed in Europe from The New York Times.  
  5. While not all of these are directly related to COVID-19, a “Weak Got Weaker” article from Business Insider on all each of the 18 retail bankruptcies that have occurred since the beginning of 2020. 
  6. Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya’s CNBC interview on capital markets. Start at 6:55 in the video to get to the juicy parts. Stock buybacks, the role of the Fed, hedge funds.


  1. (New) Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins interview summarizing the early video viewing stats from COVID-19.
  2. (New) Ben Evans semi-annual take on tech trends. So simple, yet so complex. How does he do that?
  3. Politico’s June 4 summary of the Google Antitrust case.  Good backgrounder. 
  4. Quibi’s progress (or lack thereof) as found in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). 


  1. (New) The Elliott Management critique against Crown Castle – long presentation here.
  2. (New) Two articles summarizing LTE Release 16: First one from the official Qualcomm blog post and the second from Light Reading.
  3. Metaswitch’s Martin Taylor on 5G Wireline Wireless convergence (5/15/2020 – Light Reading).  Wonder why Microsoft scooped up the company?  Listen to this podcast and it’ll be clear.  Good code with focused purpose. 
  4. Deoitte’s study titled “Enterprises building their future with 5G and Wi-Fi 6.”  We dedicated half of a Sunday Brief to this terrific article.  Yes, it’s a lengthy read, but very strong.   
  5. Both of these CFO interviews are discussed in previous Sunday Briefs (from the Credit Suisse Virtual Communications Conference): 
    1. AT&T CFO John Stephens interview
    1. Charter CFO Chris Winfrey interview


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