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Everyone Gets a Headline This Week

Greetings from Dallas, where the traditional summer heat is breaking for two days (Minneapolis is forecasted to be 10 degrees warmer today and 15 degrees warmer tomorrow than Dallas).  However, there is no break from the blistering pace of telecom news that occurred...

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Earnings Drivers for the Second Quarter (Part 2)

Greetings from Dallas.  This is the first time in 17 weeks I have not included a list of cities before or after Dallas.  A week without travel – very sweet indeed!  However, this was no time for a vacation, as news was busting out all over.  With the vast majority of...

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Where are We Headed with Smartphones?

For computer users: The Sunday Brief 3 June 2012 For mobile phone users: The Sunday Brief 3 June 2012 Where Are We Headed With Smartphones Also, a chart: smartphone comparison as of June 2

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