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iPhone Availability (as of Nov 28)

by | Nov 29, 2020 | TSB

As we indicated in last week’s Brief, we will focus on a few topics and only post them online this week. One of those topics is iPhone availability. The PDFs of the following charts can be downloaded below.

Here’s the iPhone 12 Pro availability as of 6 a.m. Nov 29:

iPhone 12 Pro availability remains very limited online. For the first time since we have been looking at iPhone backlogs (6+ years), Verizon has given up projecting the availability of iPhone 12 Pro in gold for the 128 and 512 GB colors. If you like Graphite, the wait time is far less (if at all). Demand appears to very strong, and shortages are bleeding into the iPhone 12 Pro Max availability as the next chart shows:

Last week, T-Mobile’s worst backlog was December 7 (Gold and Pacific Blue for 512GB) – now those devices are showing “ship by” dates of December 14-28 (up to 3 week delay). Verizon availability moved out a week for the 128GB storage level. AT&T availability at the 128GB level is holding.


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