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iPhone 15 Availability as of October 29, 2023

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Apple iPhone, TSB

As the above picture indicates, both the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max are becoming more widely available across each of the Big 3 wireless carriers. White Titanium appears to be the color in shortest supply. We fully expect that both models have minimal if any backlogs by Thanksgiving. This matches the pre-COVID availability cycle and leads us to conclude that this has been a typical iPhone selling season.

The one item to note is Verizon’s iPhone 15 Pro Max availability at the 256 GB storage level. Since the vast majority of Pro Max units are sold at the base level (we estimate 60-65% of total model volume), it’s interesting to see this still in short supply and indicates to us an uptick in upgrades in the fourth quarter. The company indicated as much on their conference call.

While we are not tracking the baseline iPhone 15 model in this year’s availability (there have only been rare and spotty outages of the baseline model over the last decade), we thought it would be worth noting that T-Mobile still has plenty in stock even with the resurrection of their “Four for $100/ month” offer.

PDF is below. Last availabilty post expected next week.


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