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iPhone 15 Availability as of October 22, 2023

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Apple iPhone, TSB

Backlogs continued to generally improve for the iPhone 15 Pro and were mixed for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Barring any surge in demand, we should have broad (except white) availability of the iPhone 15 Pro at each of the Big 3. This is very good news for the carriers as the Holiday selling season approaches.

AT&T CEO John Stankey actually had a few comments about iPhone 15 sales on their earnings conference call last Thursday. He said (full transcript here):

“in September, we saw the strongest iPhone preorders we’ve had in many years despite competing promotions with higher subsidies allowing lower-value device trade-ins. This is a testament to both the simplicity of our offers and the strength of our consistent and straightforward value proposition as well as the quality of our network.”

All in all, this has been a good but not a blockbuster selling season for the iPhone 15 lineup. We will be most interested in T-Mobile’s comments on the iPhone selling environment – they either overordered (higher inventories) or they are not reliazing their forecasted demand.

That explains the gap we saw in September for AT&T. It does not explain the continued dates that have been pushed out for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. There seems to be less certainty, particularly at Verizon and AT&T, when those will be available (many week-for-week delays).

More to come after next week’s calls. File is below.


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