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iPhone 13 Availability – By Model/ Storage/ Color (Dec 26)

by | Dec 26, 2021 | TSB

Attached is this week’s backlog update for the iPhone 13 series.  Our focus for the past couple of issues has been on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models as the standard iPhone 13 appears to have only spot color shortages. 

The biggest change has been with the iPhone 13 Pro Max model where T-Mobile continues to experience significant backlogs (11 out of 16 color/ memory combinations are delayed by 3 weeks or more).  We attribute this to T-Mobile’s aggressive (up to $1000) trade-in promotion, which is available to new and existing customers.  This should also help with Max upgrades as well.  The iPhone 13 cycle is shaping up to be good for T-Mobile. 

The other observation is the relative iPhone 13 Pro backlog at AT&T.  The company appears to be effective with this model’s promotion, especially compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max (which is widely available at AT&T but not at T-Mobile).  Our take is that AT&T is stepping up in-store promotions and enterprise incentives to close out the year with strength. 


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