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Happy New Year! Ten-Year Return Chart Bonus Edition

by | Jan 1, 2024 | TSB

Keeping this one very brief. We thought the chart below might put a lot of things into perspective (and will be including it in next week’s Interim Brief spreadsheet), It shows the value of $10,000 invested on 12/31/2013 with dividends reinvested as of last Friday.

A lot to chew on here, and we included both ERIC, LUMN, CABO (since 7/2015), NOK, DISH and ATUS (since 6/2017) so you could have a view of other equities. Note these are annualized returns.

Our website source is the financial information website DQYDJ (Don’t Quit Your Day Job) but we also triangulated with to make sure we weren’t showing something that was materially off (dividend reinvestment sites do not calculate the reinvestment process in the same manner). We were within +/- 1% total value after ten years so I think DQYDJ was close enough.

An extra bonus for the Sunday Brief faithful to contemplate as we enter 2024. Happy New Year!


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