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UPDATED: Deeper – “Soon… Soon” and “Playing Charlie’s Hand” (Top 11 Documents Pertaining to the T-Mobile/ Sprint Merger and DOJ/Dish Agreement)

by | Jul 30, 2019 | TSB Deeper

Updated to include a lengthy interview of Marcelo Claure by David Faber (new #10).

These 11 documents (in no particular priority order) will provide the best background on the T-Mobile/ Sprint merger and the corresponding Dish/ DOJ agreement.  Note: this list will be updated to include the Sprint earnings release which is due on Friday, August 2.

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  1. The original T-Mobile/ Sprint earnings announcement page. This has the original webcast, press release and presentation.
  2. The S-4 document filed with the SEC in July 2018 (shareholder approval document).
  3. The Dish 8-K released on Friday July 26 outlining the terms of their agreement with the DOJ.
  4. Dish also released their quarterly earnings on Monday July 29. The link to the 10-Q is here and SeekingAlpha transcript is here.
  5. Dish’s Q&A with Mike Dano of Light Reading that was posted on the evening of Friday, July 26.
  6. The T-Mobile earnings call (moved to Friday) video as well as SeekingAlpha transcript.
  7. The redacted transcript of the 13-state lawsuit against the merger.
  8. FCC Chairman statement on the T-Mobile/ Sprint transaction (May 20) is here.
  9. Full transcript of the joint town hall meeting held on the Sprint campus in October 2018 (article from Fierce Wireless).
  10. Great 13-minute July 26 CNBC interview of Marcelo Claure (Sprint Exec Chairman) is here.
  11. Great website from Spectrum Omega where you can see spectrum band by geography by carrier.



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