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Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins, Interview on CNBC This Morning

by | Mar 17, 2020 | TSB

Great interview from a great person. Around 3:50 in the link below, Chuck cites the following:

  • WebEx accounts have doubled in the past 10-11 days
  • Since the China outbreak, 22x increase in WebEx traffic
  • 4-5X increase in WebEx traffic in Japan, Korea following their outbreaks
  • Yesterday (Monday March 16), WebEx hosted 3.2 million meetings across the globe (this excludes 1-1; only 1-many)
  • 5.5 billion meeting minutes so far this month. (~400 million meeting minutes per business day assuming 80% of the minutes are during 11 business days)

These are staggering numbers, and an indication of Cisco’s scale (and of global cloud providers in general). Where would we be without this? Could traditional telecom infrastructure support this (for those of us who tried to make wireless calls on 9/11 the answer is no)?


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