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2Q Earnings Preview – Buzzword Bingo (Part 1)

June 21, 2020 Summer greetings from Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC.  This has been a news-filled week.  In our Q1 2020 preview, we described a “bingo card” that a few Sunday Brief faithful use as more of a tongue-in-cheek way to manage through hours of...

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The Intel Trinity

This Sunday Brief reviews Michael Malone’s The Intel Trinity. It also discusses valuation changes at the end of May as well as iPhone SE availability.

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I Don’t Know

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim will be a panelist on the Connected2Fiber virtual roundtable this Tuesday (April 21) at 1 p.m Eastern. More details on the event (including registration) can be found here. Early Earth Day greetings from Lake Norman/ Charlotte, North Carolina. ...

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The Great American Move

Greetings from Lake Norman and Charlotte, North Carolina, where the local media are complaining that 80 degree weather is driving too many folks outside in the parks, creating the potential for a lack of social distance discipline.  Still thankful for a terrific...

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The Economizing Effects of the Essential Economy

Greetings from Lake Norman and Charlotte, North Carolina where temperatures are above average and sunrises are magnificent.  Social distancing with a lake breeze – one of the many advantages of being a Tar Heel state resident.  This has been a tough week in...

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