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Happy Days are Here Again?

This article looks at three economic trends impacting the telecom industry: 1) broadband growth 2) movement to South, West, and Midwest and 3) uneven employment recovery needs for each state

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Comcast’s Crossroads

This week’s Brief focuses on the strategic decisions facing Comcast: a) How to position and grow their Peacock streaming service; b) How to maximize the value of their wireless spectrum holdings, and c) How to achieve nationwide scale in enterprise.

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CES 2021 – Don’t Let the Virtual Format Fool You

A PDF of this week's Sunday Brief can be downloaded here:Download Snow and ice-filled greetings from Davidson, NC, and Springfield, MO.  Pictured is yours truly (with assistance from a nephew) providing an afternoon snack to a few of the many bovines at the...

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A Fortnight of News

This Brief touches on several new items over the part two weeks, including iPhone 12 backlog/ shortages, Xbox to the TV, day-and-date decision for 2021 theatrical releases and Opensignal report

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