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Three Views on What Matters Most in Telecom Post COVID-19

Editor's note: a PDF of this week's Brief is below TSB August 16 finalDownload Mid-month greetings from “move in” weekend at Davidson College.  Attached is the “scene” at the College as they grapple with containing outbreaks while maintaining the liberal arts...

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Verizon 2Q 2020 Earnings Bingo Card

Here's the Verizon bingo card. I think every item was covered in the AT&T call yesterday. Only a few terms are the same. Happy playing! Link to generate your own card is here.

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AT&T 2Q 2020 Earnings Bingo Card

We are pleased to present the AT&T 2Q Earnings Bingo Card here. Clicking on the link will take you to the My Free Bingo Cards site - you can select a different card simply by clicking that option at the top of the page. Sample card below with all 16 terms -...

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Acceleration After the Storm

This article examines the role of several accelerating trends on the telecommunications industry. These include first-run movies over VOD, less frequent use of mass transit, and retail store closures.

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