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Two Videos Worth Watching This Thanksgiving Break

Sorry, they are not about being thankful.  But we all have downtime (or even car time) during the Holidays and these two videos are terrific. The first is of Bill Gates at the New York Times' DealBook Conference held on Nov 6.  Link to that is below, and the...

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What if? (The Long, Long Run Part 2)

Pre-Thanksgiving Greetings from Kansas City, Las Vegas (Bellagio flower display pictured), and Lake Norman.  Please note that next week we vary from our traditional format and will have a short commentary on Tim Wu’s The Master Switch, one of the books we are...

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The Long, Long Run

Greetings from Chicago, Illinois (where the pre-winter winds were tame), and Davidson, NC (where it really feels like winter even though it’s mid-November).  This week’s TSB is less about the week’s events and more about strategy fundamentals.  Next week’s edition...

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iPhone Availability Update (Nov 10)

As we indicated in yesterday's TSB, here's the last iPhone availability update we will be publishing.  All data is taken from the carrier websites as of Nov 10.  If there is a range given for a ship date, we chose the latest date.  Here are the takeaways from the...

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iPhone Availability Update (Nov 3)

We continue to monitor iPhone availability (backorder by model, memory size, and color) in conjunction with our partnership with Wave7 Research.   A link to the PDF can be found at the end of the document As most of you will recall, we had significant shortages of...

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AT&T’s Big Week

Greetings from our nation’s capital (now home to the World Series champion Washington Nationals) and Lake Norman, NC.  This was a very busy week for earnings with Apple, AT&T and T-Mobile all announcing earnings.  We are going to start with AT&T given their...

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