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Deeper – AT&T’s Herculean Task

The following articles provide a good overview of AT&T’s Domain 2.0 efforts.  Please note that these efforts will be updated periodically to reflect major partner updates: The original Domain 2.0 whitepaper from November 2013 is here. The following recent...

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AT&T’s Herculean Lift

Greetings from Lake Norman/ Davidson, North Carolina where everybody is working (including the neighbor kid, Caleb, pictured with the Editor and yours truly).  This week, we’ll look at two studies that examine data usage, and try to deftly explain AT&T’s efforts...

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The Apple Card – A Wolf in (Titanium) Sheep’s Clothing?

Greetings from Davidson, North Carolina, home of Davidson College Athletic Department Fan Fest 2019.  This picture pretty much captures it all – fellowship, family, food trucks, and fall sports. Before going into this week’s topic, a quick note of congratulations to...

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Deeper – Fiber Always Wins (Until it Doesn’t)

The following articles provide a good overview of the role fiber plays in the telecommunications ecosystem today (there’s some good details on Google Kansas City and Louisville setbacks as well): An RCR Wireless article that details Verizon’s “integrated engineering...

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Fiber Always Wins (Until it Doesn’t)

Greetings from Davidson, North Carolina, where the hazy days of summer will soon give way to the bustle of orientation.  There’s plenty to cover in this week’s TSB, and our main topic will be on the importance of fiber in the telecom industry.  But first, a brief...

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The State Attorneys General Make Their Case

Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina (Uptown signpost pictured).  We will attempt to answer the question “Do the state Attorneys General have a case?” by summarizing and analyzing their case (find a copy of the complaint here – see point 7). Following the...

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