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Playing Charlie’s Hand

Greetings from Davidson, North Carolina, home of the Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (known locally as “The Hub”).  They had their 1st Birthday party last Thursday and 230 turned out (including yours truly).  The Hub serves not only as a world-class...

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Decisions, Decisions

Greetings from Lake Norman, North Carolina, home to one of four Osprey Cams on the Catawba River (and near our home).  More information on this initiative is here from the North Carolina Wildlife Federation. We have had an overwhelming response to the TSB re-launch...

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Deeper- What’s Changed Over the Last 3 Years?

As we mentioned in TSB, this section will feature 5-10 articles on Microsoft or the LECs:    Microsoft:  2018 CNBC full interview with Satya Nadella  PG Mag review of Microsoft Office 365 (referenced in the article)  Microsoft 2017 Financial Analyst Presentation (this...

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About This Thing Called 5G

Greetings from Willard, Missouri!  It’s been a busy independence week on the farm mowing with the brush hog, clearing trees left by recent flooding (Jimmy and yours truly in the picture), and installing a Wilson WeBoost 4G amplifier to improve cell phone coverage for...

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What’s Changed Over the Last Three Years?

Greetings from Lake Norman, North Carolina, and TSB (The Sunday Brief)'s newest member, Abby!  After just over three years with ACN, I have decided to go back to consulting, writing, and maybe even teaching (more on the last one below).  Further info on the first two...

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