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The GENBAND Perspectives 15 Conference Presentation

Memorial Day weekend greetings from Chicago, Orlando, Tampa, Austin, and rainy Dallas.  As of this morning (May 24), our year-to-date rainfall has surpassed all of 2014. No one is complaining, however – at least not yet.  And water restrictions appear to be...

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Mobile First- What Does it Mean? Why Does it Matter?

Additional note:  Ben Evans has a great blog post on the Mobile-first topic here that I read last night.  It expands on the themes below.  Read more about it here. Spring greetings from Charlotte, Philadelphia (Art Museum shown), and Dallas.  This was a very active...

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Sprint’s Long, Long Road to Recovery

Greetings from Chicago (INTX show), Philadelphia, and Albany (the back of the NY State Capitol shown).  This has been a busy earnings week, with Comcast, Cablevision, CenturyLink, Frontier, Windstream and Sprint all reporting earnings.  While our focus will be on...

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