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T-Mobile’s Math

Texas rugby greetings from Austin and Dallas.  After a bruising match, the Jesuit Rangers came up short yesterday against perennial state champion contender Westlake High School.  It’s a rough sport and fortunately injuries were minimal.  Kudos to the Jesuit Rugby...

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Four Questions for the FCC Chairman

Valentine’s and Presidents Day greetings from Charlotte and Dallas.  This week, we’ll review the FCC Chairman’s recent comments on proposed regulation, look at CenturyLink’s earnings, and provide some overall comments on the state of the industry as we await T-Mobile...

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Sprint’s New Vision

February greetings from Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral pictured), Austin, and Dallas.  True to 2015 form, this has been a very full news week with Chairman Wheeler taking to Wired’s blog site to outline his recommendation to implement Title II regulations (more on this...

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AT&T’s “Future Forward” Message

Grande game day greetings from Tampa, Miami (sunrise pictured), New York City, and Dallas.  Lots of plane time this week, which means lots of time to think about earnings announcements and trends.  On top of this, the week was heavy on non-earnings news, with...

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