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The Future of Telecom Part 2- Sprint on Sale (SoS)

*** Editor’s Note:  In last week’s note on capital spending, there was a slight to the table shown due to a spreadsheet error.  This change raised the cap ex/ average retail customer for T-Mobile in earliest quarters shown.  Apologies for the change - story stays the...

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Dear Marcelo:

Greetings from Dallas.  As many long-time Sunday Brief readers will remember, in October 2012 the Sunday Brief had a column called “Dear John (Legere)” which talked about the bold radical moves that would be necessary to change fourth-place mentality into innovative...

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The Sunday Brief – Apple + IBM: A Hand in Glove Fit?

July greetings from unseasonably cool and rainy Austin and Dallas, Texas.  This week the weather people in Texas introduced a new term:  a new “low high.”  We set two of them this week in Big D on Thursday and Friday, after posting the first 100 degree days of the...

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