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The Value Creation Gap- Part 2- Broadband Gold

Father’s Day greetings from Charlotte, Orlando, Kansas City, and Dallas (pictured are my Mom, who has a milestone birthday on June 16, and Dad).  There are many industry events we should be covering, but, in the interest of depth on broadband issues, will cover these...

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The Value Creation Gap- Part 1

June greetings from my 25th college reunion in Davidson, NC.  Pictured with me is a terrific friend and mentor (but not a Davidson grad) Bob Guth who now lives on Lake Norman just north of Charlotte (as do several other current and former entrepreneurs and...

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Is it Still an Android World? -11th Edition

June greetings from Austin and Dallas.  As many of us took a holiday break, news continued to generate over the past two weeks.  We’ll cover a couple of major developments as well as our semi-annual handset assessment in this week’s Sunday Brief. Blackberry Introduces...

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