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Winning the Gigabyte Game

Warming February greetings from the Tar Heel and Lone Star states.  The earnings train kept rolling this week as Charter, Dish, and DirecTV earnings were announced.  As we will discuss in next week’s recap of the wireline industry, Charter had the greatest opportunity...

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Ceteris Paribus and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day weekend from Dallas, Texas.  It’s been one of those milestone weeks in telecom that challenges our commitment to keep this column brief.  First, Sprint announced earnings that surprised analysts at first, then met expectations...

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Wireless Pricing Dynamics- What Happens Next?

Happy February from Paris (France), Houston, and Dallas.  This has been a very dynamic week in the telecom industry as events unfolded on multiple fronts.  To last week’s Sunday Brief (Time Warner Cable), it is rumored that Charter will run a separate slate of...

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