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Holiday Reading- Three Topics for 2015

Holiday greetings from Atlanta (East Lake Golf Club pictured), Paris, and Dallas.  This has been an unusually active December for the telecom industry.  We’ll begin this week’s column with an assessment of recent events, and follow that up with three technology trends...

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A Paid Prioritization Proposal

Holiday greetings from Charlotte (Davidson/ UNCC basketball pictured), Kansas City, and Dallas. This has been an eventful week in telecom, with Sprint’s announcement of “half off” certain Verizon and AT&T rates, the beginnings of small cell cooperation between...

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How Should the Government Regulate Internet Interconnections?

Thanksgiving greetings from Austin and Dallas, where the Jesuit Rangers played a terrific playoff game against Rockwall High School.  In the end, Rockwall prevailed, but Jesuit kept it close through the third quarter. Before we dive into this week’s topic, I wanted to...

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Is it Still an Android World? (Nov 2014 edition)

** EDITOR’S NOTE:  It is recommended that the first two pages of the attached document are printed prior to reading this article.  ** Texas high school football playoff greetings.  The “second season” has begun in the Lone Star State, and my son’s team (Jesuit...

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Key Insights From This Week’s Third Quarter Earnings

Greetings from Paris and Dallas.  This has been an event-filled week outside of third quarter earnings news, with the FCC placing both the Comcast/ Time Warner Cable and the AT&T/ DirecTV merger review processes on hold (see announcement here).  Also, Friday...

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The Best Kept Secret (Not Again!)

October Friday Night Lights greetings from Atlanta, Dallas, and (by the time most of you read this) Paris.  After a brief respite for the Columbus Day holiday, this week’s Sunday Brief focuses on several meaningful events in the telecom industry which will shape the...

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The Winning Formula for Wireline

Texas State Fair greetings from Dallas, Texas (the all new Big Tex is pictured), home of this year’s COMPTEL Plus Convention & Expo.  This year promises to be extra special as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler delivers the keynote address on Monday.  If any of you are...

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Ten Events that Shaped the Third Quarter (Part 2)

Greetings from Santa Barbara (marina pictured), San Jose and Dallas.  This week, we continue our look at events that shaped the quarter and will likely shape performance throughout the rest of 2014.  The first five events from last week were: July 15:                ...

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