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Family Matters and Cable’s Future

Greetings from Austin and Dallas, where high school football playoffs are underway (this week’s lead picture is of the Jesuit College Prep Rangers and Rockwall Yellowjackets).  Jesuit won by 20, and Martha and I are becoming football parents like we never dreamed...

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Cable’s Satisfaction Stars

Greetings from Austin, Seattle, Charlotte, Greesboro (pictured), and Dallas.  Three airlines, three separate rental cars, three dinners – all in one week.  It goes without saying that I did not make it to the stunning end of the Stanford/ USC men’s football game last...

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T-Mobile – Just a Good Year, or a Dynasty?

Greetings from Los Angeles and Dallas (Texas).  It goes without saying that the lead picture is from California, and specifically Manhattan Beach where several of us reflected on a day of cable truck rolls and customer service calls.  My key takeaway from the day was...

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