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AT&T’s $61 Billion Promise

Greetings from Paris (France) and Dallas (Texas).  This week has been full of news, and we will highlight the Five You May Have Missed on the website ( ) late Sunday evening.  However, in the interest of good articles to add to your background...

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Handsets, Networks, and Verizon’s Game Plan

Greetings from Miami, Port Arthur (TX), Philadelphia and Dallas.  It’s been a full two weeks and I am beginning to wonder if taking a long Columbus Day weekend was a good idea.  However, as the picture on the left shows, sometimes you just need to put the smartphone/...

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Earnings Drivers for the Third Quarter (Part 3)

Greetings from rainy and cold Dallas (one of those rare no travel weeks).  There’s a lot to cover this week as this is our last part of the earnings preview.  Before we go there, let’s summarize the events of this week: 1. In case you missed it, the government...

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