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Earnings Drivers for the Third Quarter (Part 1)

Greetings from Ashcroft, Colorado, (picture left) and Dallas.  This has been an action-packed week for the telecom industry, with AT&T announcing that they are in discussions with J.P. Morgan and TAP Advisers to sell their tower portfolio for up to $5 billion,...

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Plastic Apple Meets Samsung’s Smartwatch. Who Wins?

Greetings from Charlotte and Dallas, where summer is still hanging around.  This week, the Sunday Brief is devoted to the different strategies of Apple and Samsung.  The iPhone 5S and the plastic-backed iPhone 5C represent two significant announcements for the...

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Get Ready for the Integration Era

Greetings from Kansas City and Dallas, two cities immensely interested in the start of the NFL season this weekend.  It’s been a really full week of telecom-related events, and merely mentioning them in some sort of order would do it an injustice.  However, there is a...

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