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Your Fan Mail Answered

Greetings from Charlotte and Dallas, where summer is beginning its sunset, and the never-ending parade of Facebook back to school pictures reminds me of how quickly our children grow up.  Given the relative lack of events this week in the telecom world (including...

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T-Mobile’s Unbelievable Earnings

Greetings from Seattle and Dallas.  This week, T-Mobile announced second quarter earnings, which will be the entire focus of this week’s column.  Let’s face it, T-Mobile had plenty of excuses for a dismal quarter:  Smaller network footprint that is in transition,...

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Can Sprint Restore its Luster?

Greetings from Lawrence (KS) - pictured, Kansas City, and Dallas.  It’s been a busy week in the telecom world, with continued speculation about potential cable marriages (the latest on Friday was a combination of privately-held Cox Communications and Charter), robust...

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