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Earnings Drivers for the Second Quarter

Greetings from Kansas City and Dallas.  When I was in Kansas City this week, I had the opportunity to tour the Kansas City Startup Village and the Google Fiber storefront.  Both were brimming with activity.  I penned some thoughts to that are aimed...

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“The best place to raise angel funding for a Kansas City start-up is in Omaha.” Everything about yesterday’s trip to the KCSV was idyllic.  Eager (and yet tired) entrepreneurs, full of vision but excited to be a part of something special.  Ready to be a part of...

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Video Is the Next Frontier, and Everyone Knows It

Greetings from Washington, D.C. and Dallas where the Cable Show wowed and amazed more than 12,000 attendees.  If I had to describe this year’s show with one phrase, it would be executive engagement.  You could go on the show floor (or one of the many meeting points)...

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The State of Cable in 2013 (Cable Show Preview)

Greetings from Charlotte and Dallas, where kids are finally out of school and local (in our case, backyard) pools are beginning their seasonal rituals.  This week also marks the Cable Show, sponsored by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA),...

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The Semi-Annual Device Issue: It’s an Android LTE World

** Editor’s note:  It may be beneficial to have the first two pages of the attached document open or printed while reading this week’s column. ** Greetings from Philadelphia, Baltimore (where the crab season is just beginning), Washington D.C. and Dallas.  This has...

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