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Can CenturyLink’s Plan Work?

Quite frankly, it’s hard to see which discretionary category could be eliminated. If CTL were to cut back spending on the cloud or High Speed Internet, their revenue projections would be lower. If they cut back on FTTT carrier capital commitments, wireless operators would turn to cable companies or independent operators such as Zayo.

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Comcast – In Search of Legacy Greatness

What’s unique about NBCU is that it allows a former cable executive (Steve Burke) to ask questions about content delivery that his peers at TWE and Viacom do not have the experience and insight to posit. In turn, it allows the cable business an opportunity to test the limits of content delivery and, through that process, deliver a substantially improved (and better connected) content experience (e.g., “The Voice” at 18ms latency to your Wi-Fi device).

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